In the Tin Shed Gallery every piece has a story to tell, it’s permenant exhibition housing a collective of artists whom specialise in photography, sculpture, collage and furniture using found-objects that exude the character and charm that make up the ‘ tropics’ of the Northern Territory. Our main inspiration drawn from the sea and the bush. Bringing back life to the local history and highlighting our seafaring neighbours of S.E.Asia; we call the region AUSTRONESIA. Our furniture, fittings and fit-outs all fashioned from recycled timbers ingrained in the history of there origins, (in particular old boats) our found objects salvaged from old sites, long lost to the tide of development. The Tin Shed is here to excite your imagination and hence to improve your quality of life; you live in the tropics, we theme the tropics.

By appointment only, phone 0419869102

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